How many ways can 8 people sit around a table if two insist on sitting next to each other *?

The formula for the typical scenario is (n-1)!. The n becomes 7 in this case, since the two people form a block (act as one). Then, multiply by their own permutations (2!). So, 6!2!, if there are no placeholders (name cards on the table). If this is the case, we are not just looking for the order, but actual seats. With placeholders, we also multiply by the number of people, which makes the formula equivalent to n!. So, in this case it would be 7!2!. Also, we usually assume clockwise is different than anticlockwise, so we refrain from dividing by 2.

what is the answer in1in =_____cm?​

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[-3,-2], [-2,0], [-1,2],[ 0,4][ 1,-6],[2,8] function or not?

monthly payments of 12,000 for 9 years that will start 6 months from now.what is the period of deferral?​

Malolos in one of the oldest towns in the region that is known in making Ensaimadas, Inipit and Pastillas. Aside from those sweets, the said town is a … lso popular in making Kakanin like Suman Yangit, Puto, Kutsinta, Ginatan Bilo Bilo, Sapin Sapin, Suman Murwekos, Sweetened Macapuno and Kalamay. S Situation Ka Ditha, one of the makers of Kakanin in Barangay Balite, City of Malolos, males Sumang Murwekos, a rice cake she learned from her aunt, Nana Elena. She sells Sumang Murwekos to the barrio for additional income. As anyone who sells things can tell you, deciding on an appropriate price is very important. If your price is too low, you will not make much of a profit. If your price is too high, you will also probably not make much of a profit because fewer people will buy what you are selling. The best price is the price that leads to the maximum profit. Suppose Ka Ditha's profit y can be found by y = x²+24x 60, where x represents the price of each Suman Murwekos. What price should she charge to receive the maximum profit?​