A company that offers $1,000 for the best idea an employee submits each quarter is running .

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Because of the competition of the jitney busses, re- the result of tests with six candles of the ordinary comports Consul General R. E. Mansfield, the Brilisti Co- mercial type. Four were tallow and two were sperm; lumbia Electric Railway, which operates the city and they varied from 476 to 534 inches in length; were from suburban lines in Vancouver and Victoria, las reduced 34 to 1/8 inches thick. Three cost i cent each; two its rates from 5-cent fares on transfers to 3.15 cents, cost 2 cents, and one cost 32 cents. One of the 1-cent or 8 tickets for a quarter, without transfers.

tallow candles burned 2 hours, 22 minutes; another

burned 2 hours and 24 minutes; while the I-cent sperm The New York Edison Co. has adopted a rather candle lasted 3 hours and 47 minutes. The 2-cent tallow unusual method of securing ideas for window dis- candles lasted 4 hours, 24 minutes, and 5 hours and 31 plays for special occasions. Announcement is made minutes, respectively. The 372-cent sperm lasted almost a few weeks before Decoration Day, Flag Day, 9 hours. The cost of electricity was computed at 8 Fourth of July, and other holidays, that a window cents per 1,000 watts, the prevailing rate in New York display contest has been arranged and every one of City. the 5,000 employees in the company is asked to Public Service Commissions have powers varying submit suggestions. For the best suggestion a prize in degree in 32 out of the 48 states of the Union. The of $10 is awarded, while the suggestions receiving states having commissions are: second and third choice are given honorary mention


Indiana New Hampshire

and published in the company's employees' publication,


Wisconsin the Edison Weekly.


Missouri Rhode Island

Secretary Houston of the Department of Agricul- Connecticut

Kansas New York

ture recently inspected the six great forest districts

New Jersey

Colorado of the West. He crossed the Sierra Nevada range in


Montana an automobile that was fitted to the railway tracks Maryland

with special flanged wheels. With regard to water- West Virginia

Nevada Virginia

power, development of which is going on actively

North Carolina

California under the Department of Agriculture's regulations,


Oregon the secretary says he sees no need for a change in the Ohio

Washington existing system of control, except for legislation to Michigan

Wyoming permit long-term leasing of waterpower sites.

The states without Public Service Commissions

are: H. F. Frasse, purchasing agent of the Edison Elec


Iowa South Carolina

tric Illuminating Co. of Brooklyn, is offering three


North Dakota graded prizes of $25, $15 and $5 for the best articles


South Dakota by employees of electric lighting companies on the Mississippi

Texas profit resulting from economical practices and utili- Kentucky

New Mexico

Tennessee zation of waste material. Discussing his prize offer,


Arkansas Mr. Frasse says:

I have offered these prizes as inspiration to careful and con-
scientious men and to induce greater emulation on the part of

The powers of the hydroelectric commission of Onthose who are no doubt saving money for their employers. I tario have been enlarged from time to time, so that now hope they will serve to help employes get the best from their it practically controls the operation and extension of powers. In some lines of business bonuses are given salesmen

hydroelectric power in the Province in the interests of with the view of increasing orders, hence prizes like mine should act as a stimulus toward economical operation and prac

the people. Having nearly exhausted the 100,000 hp.

obtained from the Ontario Power Co., Niagara Falls, tice.

at $9 per hp., the commission must soon contract for The Miller Lumber Co., of Millerton, Okla., is in additional power or build its own generating plants at

the market for a second-hand generator with ex-

Niagara Falls, where it may possibly develop 200,000 citer, 75-100 kilovolt-amperes, 2,300 volts, 60 cycles, 3 lip.: or get power from the spillways of the new Welland phase. They want a number of small motors from Ship Canal, or from both sources if the public need 2-20 h.p. each, “antiques debarred.”

should require it. In order to be ready to take advan

tage of the best opportunities for developing cheap hy. The engineers of the New York Edison Co. have droelectric power elsewhere, the commission has had just concluded a series of tests showing the comparative hydrographic surveys and investigations of stream flow costs between candle light and electric light. Though made covering fifty-four rivers in various parts of the

Province. candles may be had at i cent apiece, they form the most costly sort of light unit. One cent will buy just 2.68 The Henderson Light and Power Co. of Greenville, candlepower-hours of light. For the same money, using Ala., is in the market for a 400-kw. revolving field. the wire-drawn madza lamps, 120 candlepower-hours 60-cycle, 440-volt, alternating current generator with may be obtained. The recently perfected gas-filled lamp exciter and switchboard. It must be a belted machine wilí give 192.3 candlepower-hours. The figures are and in good condition.

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No. 37–Wood Handles

110 volts. This non-conductive finisli is said to with

stand up to 2,600 volts. One wood-turning company Contrary to popular belief, wood handles in elec

is authority for the statement that, although wood in trical service are not limited to knife switches, cir

itself is a non-conductor, when a handle is varnished cuit breakers, and sad irons, but are employed in

its insulating qualities are in a measure nullified. In making a large number of other kinds of electrical

order to overcome this and at the same time give the devices. As a rule these handles are not made by the

proper finish desired, a special compound of an insumanufacturers of electrical apparatus, but by wood working concerns, which supply them in quantities lating nature has been devised and is used to give

this “non-conductive” finish. on order. The purposes for which these handles are

Wood turners have names for a number of the difintended are not usually disclosed to the wood worker

ferent shapes of handles that they produce, but as by the electrical manufacturers; all the wood worker

this is a matter of immediate concern only to those is expected to do is rigidly to follow specifications. engaged in the wood turning industry, it will not be The purposes for which wood handles are used in the electrical industry are shown below, the devices being expanded here. It might be added in passing, merely

as a matter of interest, that one company produces grouped for convenience into two classes-apparatus

in quantity what it calls a “pea-pod” handle. Its and utensils. The apparatus with wood handles in

ultimate use is not known by the wood turner, but it cludes:

was discovered by accident that such handles are used

on the series-parallel controllers which form part of the Air brushes

Pull switches Arc cutouts Rheostats

equipment of every trolley car. In some cases the Beauty lamps Static machines

handle is known by its use; that is, a handle for a sad Circuit breakers Tachometers

iron is spoken of as a sad iron handle, and that for a Clippers Telegraph sets

knife switch as a switch handle, sometimes qualified Conduit boxes Test sets

by the word spade, indicative of its shape. Drum controllers

Testing magnetos Electric tops

Theatre dimmers Hair driers Tools


The following companies make a specialty of turn- Incandescent lamp guards Vacuum cleaners Knife switches Vibrators

ing out wood handles for electrical devices: Medical batteries Voltmeter switches

Allen, Chas. E., Pequabuck, Conn. Oil switches Watchman's clocks

American Enamel Co., Providence.
The use of wood handles for utensils is confined American Wood Working Co., Chicago. almost wholly to cooking and heating devices, in- Bogert & Hopper, New York. cluding:

Brown's Enamel Works, Fitchburg, Mass.

Cushing, S. G., Fitchburg, Mass. Chafing dishes Liquid heaters

Detroit Handle Co., Detroit, Mich. Coffee urns

Ovens Corn poppers Percolators

Eastern Wood Working Co., Wallingford, Conn. Curling irons Radiators

Eby & Co., F. B., Detroit, Mich. Disk stoves Sad irons

Estes & Sons, E. B., New York. Drink heaters Samovars

Fitchburg Enamel Co., Fitchburg, Mass. Egg cookers Soldering irons

Fuller, J. J., Westfield, Mass. Gluc heaters

Stove combinations Grills Tea kettles

Mossman Wood Turning Co., Fitchburg, Mass. Instrument sterilizers Toasters

Narra gansett Machine Co., Providence.

Ober Mfg. Co., Chagrin Falls, O. Manufacturers of switchboards frequently use

Royal Enamel Co., Fitchburg, Mass. wood handles, as in many cases they also make the

Novelty Turning Co., Norway, Me. apparatus that is mounted on the board.

Sun Enamel Works, Leominster, Mass. By personal visits to a number of manufacturers of wood handles it was found that of all the woods birch is the most popular, principally because it Proposed Reserve Corps of Engineers “turns" better than any other wood and permits of a

Early in the present year there was an informal higher finish when enamelled or varnished. Where

conference held in New York at which the establishpossible, birch is used, but often it is found necessary

ment of a volunteer reserve corps of engineers for the to use beech, and where a cheaper handle is desired, United States Army, representing all branches of maple.

the engineering profession, was discussed. The folWood handles are furnished in a great variety of lowing five national engineering societies were reprefinishes, the principal being fibre, mahogany, ebony, sented: American Institute of Consulting Engineers, rubber, and what is termed a non-conductive finish. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American This non-conductive finish has the appearance of Institute of Mining Engineers, American Society of rubber and is necessary where the handle is to be Civil Engineers, American Institute of Electrical Enused on a current carrying device on circuits of over gineers.

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Fault finder, based upon the original slide wire bridge arrangement, chiefly used for locating crosses, grounds, and other forms of line and cable troubles. Complete with galvanometer, battery, and switches. Queen-Gray, Co., 616-618 Chestnut street,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Dial decade portable test set, a complete wheatstone bridge arrangement with contained battery, galvanometer, and switches; for measuring resistances, comparing e. m. f's, checking up voltmeter, measuring battery resistance, testing out grounds, and so on. Queen

Gray Co., 616-618 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.