Who do the clippers play next

Last year, the LA Clippers felt like they had the worst schedule in the NBA. It appears complaints about the schedule may have actually made an impact to this year’s slate.

The Clippers will have 15 back-to-backs in 2022-23, beginning with the first weekend of the season. But for the first time in the franchise’s 53-year history, the team will have zero stretches of five games in seven days, after having five such stretches last season.

The Clippers will begin the 2022-23 NBA season with a “road game” against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Oct. 20. It will be a TNT game, one of 20 national games the team will have next season. The Clippers visit the Sacramento Kings on Saturday, Oct. 22, before returning south for their home opener the night of Sunday, Oct. 23, to host the Phoenix Suns.

It will be LA’s first home opener on a second night of a back-to-back since 2015 against the Dallas Mavericks, the autumn after the Clippers convinced center DeAndre Jordan to not sign with the Mavericks in free agency; the Clippers were traveling from Sacramento that year as well. The last time the Clippers played two road games before a home opener was in 2020, when they beat the Lakers on their ring night and won on the road against the Denver Nuggets on Christmas before an unholy matinee blowout at home against the Mavericks. Fortunately for the Clippers, there were no fans in attendance for that game due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The last time the Clippers hosted the Suns in a home opener was in 2017; also after a season-opening road win against the Lakers in the first games after Chris Paul was traded. The Suns were in a much different place five years ago; after the Clippers beat them by 42 points, Phoenix fired head coach Earl Watson and traded point guard Eric Bledsoe after the latter declared that he did not want to be there. Now, the Suns are coming off of their best regular season in franchise history.

LA’s home opener against the Suns is the only home game out of the first five games; the last time the Clippers were the road team in four of their first five games was in 1988.

With Kawhi Leonard returning after a season off to recover from right ACL surgery, it will be interesting to see what the plan is for him on this season-opening back-to-back. Leonard did not play in any back-to-backs in his last season with the San Antonio Spurs, his only season with the Raptors, or his first season with the Clippers. He did play in six games on zero rest in 2020-21.

The Clippers certainly will welcome not having any of the dreaded 5-in-7s, but they actually have one more back-to-back this season than they did in 2021-22. The Clippers have indicated that they will be cautious with Leonard and all of their players as they navigate the 2022-23 season.

Here are other observations, takeaways, and notes about the 2022-23 Clippers schedule:

Longest road trip and homestands

The Grammy trip for the Clippers last season had the team on the road for two weeks while playing eight consecutive games away from home. No other team had a longer road trip last season. This year’s Grammy trip is not as challenging, though it does put the Clippers away from their home crowd for 10 out of 11 games.

The Clippers have a home game against the Spurs on Jan. 26. Prior to that game, LA is on the road against the Utah Jazz, San Antonio, Dallas and Los Angeles Lakers. After hosting the Spurs in January, the Clippers go on their final road trip against Eastern Conference teams, hitting the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers (back-to-back), Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. It’s a trip similar to the team’s season-long six-game road swing from the 2020-21 season.

The Clippers will make three trips to the Eastern Conference, starting with a four-game Southeast Division swing on Dec. 5 and continuing with a five-game swing starting in Philadelphia on Dec. 23; they will be done with Eastern Conference road games by the All-Star break in a full season for the first time since 2015-16.

On the flip side, the longest homestand is five games, and they have three occurrences of those homestands. The first will be in December, in between the two Eastern Conference trips; the Clippers will host the Celtics, Timberwolves, Suns, Wizards and Hornets from Dec. 12-21.

Prior to the road-heavy Grammy trip swing, the Clippers will host the Hawks, Mavericks, Nuggets, Rockets and 76ers from Jan. 8-17. And the Clippers will host the Grizzlies, Raptors, Knicks, Warriors and Magic from March 5-18, a stretch that keeps the Clippers in the Pacific Time Zone for 13 consecutive games over the first four weeks of the month.

Odd teams

Last year, the Clippers made only one visit to Oklahoma City and one visit to San Antonio, while only hosting the Rockets and Jazz one time each. This season, the Clippers will see each of those teams four times apiece.

On Jan. 6, the Clippers will make their only visit to Minnesota. It comes at an interesting time, as it will be the last game of a four time-zone stretch (Dec. 31 at Indiana/Eastern, Jan. 2 against the Heat/Pacific, Jan. 5 at Denver/Mountain, Jan. 6 at Minnesota/Central).

The Grizzlies will make their only visit to the Clippers on Sunday, March 3; the Grizzlies were the only Western Conference team to sweep the Clippers last season. The Clippers will make their lone trip to the New Orleans Pelicans on April 1, the penultimate weekend of the season. On April 8, the team’s home finale, the Trail Blazers will make their lone visit of the season.

This will be the second season in a row that the Clippers will play a full slate against the Nuggets and Mavericks; that’s something to keep in mind for next season’s potential opponents when it comes to who the Clippers play only three times.

National TV games

I do not include NBA TV games as true nationally televised games. With that in mind, the Clippers go from 15 scheduled (14 played) national TV games last season to 20 this season, evenly split between TNT and ESPN. All four Lakers games and Warriors games will be on either TNT or ESPN, along with three of the Nuggets games and the two visits from the Timberwolves.

The other nationally televised opponents on TNT and ESPN for the Clippers include the Trail Blazers, 76ers, Bucks, Mavericks, Suns, Grizzlies and Raptors. The Clippers are also scheduled to have 12 more games on NBA TV.

Days off

The 15 back-to-backs on the schedule, the last one coming on the season’s final weekend against the Trail Blazers and on Easter Sunday, April 9 at Phoenix, are the most the Clippers will have since the 2016-17 season (18). But they also will have 16 games where they play on multiple days of rest, which is the same as last season. The Clippers will need to be better in those games, as they only went 8-8 when having at least two days of rest last season.

In addition to staying in the same time zone for most of March, the Clippers will play four games in a row during their final five-game homestand where they have at least two days off prior to each game. The team’s final meeting of the season with the Lakers, on April 5, is the only game the Clippers will have in a six-day stretch. The post-All-Star break logistics are extremely favorable for the team this season.

Other items to remember

• There are miniseries again! The Clippers will be at Oklahoma City for two games on Oct. 25 and 27, before hosting the Thunder on March 21 and 23. Last season, the Clippers had a similar arrangement with the Mavericks. The Clippers will also be in Memphis on March 29 and 31; the Clippers also had a road miniseries in Memphis in February 2021.

• The Clippers will have 11 matinee games next season. Nine of them will be at home, starting with Sunday, Oct. 30, against the Pelicans, the team that ended LA’s season in the Play-In Tournament. LA’s two road matinees are in Indiana for New Year’s Eve and the season finale at Phoenix. The Clippers went 7-3 in matinee games last season.

• The Clippers have four Friday night home games after having only one in the regular season last year.

• Notable return/reunions include John Wall games (Halloween visit from Rockets, Nov. 2 at Houston, Dec. 10 at Washington), Isaiah Hartenstein games (Feb. 4 at New York, Knicks visit March 11), Norman Powell and Kawhi Leonard returning to Toronto on Dec. 27 and Robert Covington and Powell returning to Portland on Nov. 29.

(Top photo of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports)

Los Angeles Clippers 2022-2023 NBA Regular Season is scheduled to start with a basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA, and is expected to end after a game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, April 9, 2023, at Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ.

When is Los Angeles Clippers’ next game?

The Clippers will play against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, October 20 at Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA live on TNT at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Where do the Los Angeles Clippers play home games?

The Clippers play their home games at Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA.

How many Clippers games are left in 2022-23?

Los Angeles Clippers will play 82 games in the 2022-23 NBA regular season from Thursday, October 20, 2022, to Sunday, April 9, 2022.

What channel is the Clippers game on today?

NBA League Pass and Bally Sports SoCal will televise the majority of Los Angeles Clippers’ NBA 2022-23 regular season games, and some games will carry nationally on ABC, ESPN, TNT, Root Sports, and NBA TV.

Here is the Clippers NBA basketball game schedule, start time, date, location, TV channel, and current results you need to know.

GameDateTime (ET)TVScores
@ LA LakersThu, Oct 2010:00 PMTNTTBD
@ SacramentoSat, Oct 2210:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs PhoenixSun, Oct 2310:00 PMNBA TVTBD
@ Oklahoma CityTue, Oct 258:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ Oklahoma CityThu, Oct 278:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs New OrleansSun, Oct 303:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs HoustonMon, Oct 3110:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ HoustonWed, Nov 28:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ San AntonioFri, Nov 48:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs UtahSun, Nov 610:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs ClevelandMon, Nov 710:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs LA LakersWed, Nov 910:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs BrooklynSat, Nov 124:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ HoustonMon, Nov 148:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ DallasTue, Nov 158:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs DetroitThu, Nov 1710:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs San AntonioSat, Nov 1910:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs UtahMon, Nov 2110:30 PMNBA TVTBD
@ Golden StateWed, Nov 2310:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs DenverFri, Nov 2510:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs IndianaSun, Nov 274:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ PortlandTue, Nov 2910:00 PMTNTTBD
@ UtahWed, Nov 309:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs SacramentoSat, Dec 34:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ CharlotteMon, Dec 57:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ OrlandoWed, Dec 77:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ MiamiThu, Dec 87:30 PMNBA TVTBD
@ WashingtonSat, Dec 107:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs BostonMon, Dec 1210:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs MinnesotaWed, Dec 1410:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs PhoenixThu, Dec 1510:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs WashingtonSat, Dec 174:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs CharlotteWed, Dec 2110:30 PMNBA TVTBD
@ PhiladelphiaFri, Dec 237:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ DetroitMon, Dec 267:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ TorontoTue, Dec 277:30 PMNBA TVTBD
@ BostonThu, Dec 297:30 PMNBA TVTBD
@ IndianaSat, Dec 313:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs MiamiMon, Jan 210:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ DenverThu, Jan 510:00 PMTNTTBD
@ MinnesotaFri, Jan 69:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs AtlantaSun, Jan 89:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs DallasTue, Jan 1010:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs DenverFri, Jan 1310:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs HoustonSun, Jan 153:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs PhiladelphiaTue, Jan 1710:00 PMTNTTBD
@ UtahWed, Jan 189:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ San AntonioFri, Jan 208:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ DallasSun, Jan 227:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@LA LakersTue, Jan 2410:00 PMTNTTBD
vs San AntonioThu, Jan 2610:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ AtlantaSat, Jan 287:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ ClevelandSun, Jan 297:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ ChicagoTue, Jan 318:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ MilwaukeeThu, Feb 210:00 PMTNTTBD
@ New YorkSat, Feb 47:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ BrooklynMon, Feb 67:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs DallasWed, Feb 810:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs MilwaukeeFri, Feb 1010:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs Golden StateTue, Feb 1410:00 PMTNTTBD
@ PhoenixThu, Feb 1610:00 PMTNTTBD
vs SacramentoFri, Feb 2410:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ DenverSun, Feb 2610:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs MinnesotaTue, Feb 2810:00 PMTNTTBD
@ Golden StateThu, Mar 210:00 PMTNTTBD
@ SacramentoFri, Mar 310:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs MemphisSun, Mar 510:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs TorontoWed, Mar 810:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs New YorkSat, Mar 114:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs Golden StateWed, Mar 1510:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs OrlandoSat, Mar 183:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ PortlandSun, Mar 199:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs Oklahoma CityTue, Mar 2110:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs Oklahoma CityThu, Mar 2310:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs New OrleansSat, Mar 2510:30 PMNBA TVTBD
vs ChicagoMon, Mar 2710:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ MemphisWed, Mar 298:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ MemphisFri, Mar 318:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ New OrleansSat, Apr 18:30 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs LA LakersWed, Apr 510:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
vs PortlandSat, Apr 84:00 PMNBA League PassTBD
@ PhoenixSun, Apr 93:30 PMNBA League PassTBD