What are the three alternative work arrangements of flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting?

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Flextime Definition:it allows employees some discretion over when they arrive at work and when they leave. We can make a plan for our work,then we can do work more reasonable.

Job sharing Definition:a recent work scheduling innovation Two or more people share the same position in a company, each working a part of the week. It has disadvantages,because I think any tasks are uniteally,so different people do the different parts of job,they can’t promis they do the same thing,and they may be waste of time.other satuation is that during the work they will have so many kinds of thoughtcast,so they will against each other

telecommuting Definition:it refers to employees who do their work remotely at least two days a week using computers linked to their offices. They can get more information about their jobs from the computer of office. They can give some suggests to company through linking computer.

Describe three alternative work arrangements.


Three alternative work arrangements: flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting, alter work arrangements to increase motivation. 

Flextime, or flexible work hours, allows employees some discretion over their start and stop times, while requiring a specific number of hours per week. 

Job sharing allows two or more individuals to split a traditional 40-hour-a-week job. 

Finally, telecommuting, allows employees to do work at home through a computer linked to their office.

Organizational Behavior / Robbins & Judge - 14th edition

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