Plaid not connecting to bank reddit

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this - I tried to add my Sofi checking to my ONE finance account to push funds out via Plaid, and I've been running into an error where it's not able to connect. From ONE, the error shows as:

"There was an error communicating with the server"

Logging in works, I get the SMS verification, and can even pick the account and it acts like everything is fine, then errors right at the end.

I can add banks within Sofi itself without any problems, it's just annoying since pulling funds takes longer than pushing from the source bank most of the time. I also was able to replicate the issue when trying to add Sofi to my Current bank account as well. Has anyone experienced this?

My money is just stuck in the app because Plaid doesn't connect with my bank.

Why can I not just use a simple routing and account number?? Anyone have any idea on how I can get my money out? This is ridiculous.

As the title says, I currently can’t connect to plaid and buy crypto. These seems to happen more and more. Plaid seems like a terrible service, why does Coinbase use them?

Hello all - I tried to deposit some funds to my Voyager account today from my Chase bank account but it said I needed to re-link my bank account. So I went to the Plaid site, as I did before and re-entered my banking info and Plaid said, "Success! Your account has been re-verified!" But then on Voyager it still shows that I need to re-link my bank account? So I "re-linked" it again but still the same result. Does it take awhile after linking for Voyager to process the re-link and update the account? Is it because it's a weekend that it's not going through? I seem to remember it being pretty much automatic when I linked my account before? Thanks for any input the reddit community can give me!

Beware of Plaid - Do this before connecting your bank account with Coinbase, Gemini, Strike, Bitstamp, Paxos, and other crypto and fintech apps using Plaid! from Bitcoin

I get an error after I type in my credentials and enter the 6 digit code. It says error try again later.

Plaid isn't supported by my bank. How do I transfer my money to my bank account? from Crypto_com

I am trying to open up a shop and I am running into some issues connecting my Etsy account to my bank account. To verify, Plaid is asking me to enter a 3-digit code that they say is included in the transaction description in my bank statement from the deposit… However this 3-digit code is nowhere to be found? Yes, Etsy did deposit $0.01 but that’s it! Etsy isn’t asking me to input the amount they deposited, they are asking for a 3-digit code. I clicked on the deposit in my bank account and it doesn’t have any additional information that would be relevant. I reached out to Etsy and Plaid… Who knows how long it will take to hear back. Any help/advice would be great!

use a pc browser to login.

"add cash"

link account will bring you to the plaid list.
scroll to the bottom. "bank not in this list"

the next screen will give you the option to sign up with accounts like PNC that don't allow plaid login using the routing and account number