How to create a website without coding for free

If you’re not on the internet, you probably don’t exist – at least in the eyes of representatives of digital-native generations. Does this mean that everyone has to have their website? No, most private internet users are satisfied with having a social media profile. However, if you run your own business or want to break away from social media platforms, you need your own space on the web – and a website builder will come in handy.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is nothing more than an online platform that allows you to create websites based on ready-made templates and interface elements modularly. You choose visualised components and features on such a platform, so the navigation is simplified. The user has no insight into the site’s code, so possibilities of personalisation are limited.

WordPress, interactive agency, or website builder?

There are many different ways to create a website. Choosing the right one depends on two fundamental factors: the budget and the time we can devote to the project.

If we have a lot of resources, high requirements, and little time, it is worth investing in the services of a professional interactive agency. The cost of creating a custom website ranges from a few to several hundred thousand pounds, but skilled developers do all the work.

If you’re short on money but have enough time and basic IT knowledge, you can build the site yourself. The most popular CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress. 75 million websites have already been created on this open-source software. WordPress is free of charge (you pay only for hosting and a web domain) and you can integrate it with thousands of add-ons that extend its functionality. For example, WooCommerce integration will turn a WordPress website into an online store, and the Yoast plug-in will help you take care of SEO. However, to create a website on WordPress, you need programming skills. Fortunately, there is no shortage of tutorials prepared by the WordPress community.

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Building a website without coding

We recommend choosing a website builder for anyone with a moderate amount of time and resources. In such a creator, you do everything yourself, but in a friendly interface that even an inexperienced person can handle. The user can freely adjust the template’s appearance but has a limited influence on its functionality. The best website wizards give users a large number of templates (made with different industries and areas of activity in mind) and many customisation options. 

Advantages of using a website builder

  • Thanks to the ready-made modules, website builders are usually easy to use.
  • You can observe the effects of the work in real-time and adjust the page’s appearance.
  • Service providers offer technical support in case of any issues.
  • Often it is an all-in-one service – you can have a domain, server, and a www page builder in one subscription.

Disadvantages of using a website builder

  • Less control over search engine optimization (SEO).
  • No personalized solutions.
  • If you use a free plan, you might have to deal with the fact that the web builder will display its logo and ads for external companies on your website.
  • Limited space for files and multimedia.

Landing page builder – what is it?

If you already have a website but want to build an additional landing page for your customers, you don’t need to use website builder software. All you need to do is use the services of the landing page builder, which has options specially tailored to the needs of narrowly specialised websites.

Landing pages can be used as:

  • Destination pages of a marketing campaign for a specific product or service. 
  • Registration for an offline event or webinar.
  • A page that presents a special offer.
  • Signup for an online contest or lottery.
  • An element of a lead generation campaign devoted to gathering contact details of people interested in your activity. 

The FOTC marketing team has been using the landing pages builder for years, so we can sincerely recommend it to anyone. In this builder, we created, among others, these landings:

  • Google Cloud Platform landing page
  • Mentorship programs for Polish startups

How to choose a website builder?

There are many differences between website builders, so when comparing offers, it is worth taking into account not only the price but also: 

  • Specialization – there are universal web wizards that can be used for building any website. However, if you have special requirements, look for a website builder created specifically for your industry. For example, not every platform can meet all the expectations of people running an online store. For such purposes, it is better to look for a website builder specializing in eCommerce. 
  • Backend – the website’s appearance from the customer’s perspective (frontend) is crucial, but do not forget about maintenance comfort. Choose a website builder that provides a convenient way to operate the site from the inside (the backend). Test various website builders (most offer a free trial period) or follow the recommendations of people who already run a website similar to yours.
  • Integration – the number of available add-ons and plugins should be one of the criteria for choosing a wizard. If you plan to use business office software, such as Google Workspace, or other applications, the integrations will make it much easier for you to manage your content on the site. 

Get Google Workspace to have email with custom domain, cloud storage, and a suite of office apps. – it’s one of the most frequently chosen websites offering a platform for website creation, hosting, and domain reservation.

Google Sites – an entirely free website builder. If you need an elementary business page, you can create it in a few minutes in this app. Google Sites application is available for users of free Gmail, and it is also part of the Google Workspace service. is another popular wizard that offers all-in-one services and a free plan for personal use. – this platform specialises in eCommerce. If you’re planning to create an online store, consider using Shopify. It offers a huge marketplace with integrations tailored to the needs of eCommerce owners.

How to create a website without coding for free

So many ideas, so little time (or coding ability)! If you’re ready to launch a new website for your startup, personal blog, portfolio, or anything else, getting things up and running can often be a daunting and expensive process. We put together a collection of 15 tools to help you build and launch your next website—even if you have limited or no coding or design experience. Check out the list below; one or many of these should help you get started quickly. We can’t wait to see what you build. :-)

Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

How to create a website without coding for free

A free service for building and hosting simple, responsive, one-page websites for anything and everything. There are a bunch of other sites that help you build out one-pagers, but the biggest differentiator here is the simplicity and easy of use, while not compromising on your ability to create a functional and beautifully designed website.

Curated collection of best free themes & website templates.

How to create a website without coding for free

A curated collection of the best free website templates. Each one is evaluated based on: visual appeal, ease of customization, and functionality. You can search for what you’re looking for by category, keyword, and creator, which makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Bonus: There are also collections dedicated to specific design trends, like “material design” and “modern portfolio.”

Build a fully functional web app without any code.

How to create a website without coding for free

Without any code knowledge, this tool helps you build web and mobile applications. The intuitive drag and drop builder allows you to easily add page elements like: text, videos, maps, icons, images, buttons, and more. Everything is customizable, down to font colors, icons, and the visibility of various elements based on what’s going on in the app you design.

Convert HTML website to WordPress theme in seconds.

How to create a website without coding for free

This tool converts static HTML websites into WordPress. If you’re looking to switch your site over, this will help you automate a lot of the manual work. Just upload a website into the tool and after a few seconds, it’ll convert into a fully functional, premium quality WordPress theme—activated and installed. All of the designers and developers, rejoice!

Build beautiful websites and tell stories without any code.

How to create a website without coding for free

A website building platform geared toward content-oriented sites. There are over 170 pre-designed blocks that enable you to drag and drop your way toward a fully customizable website. All pages you create with this tool are built to look great across all devices, which is a nice thing to not have to worry about if you’re not a coder. This is a fantastic option for those looking to build blogs, lookbooks, event reports, and more.

Free website builder — making web design like Lego™. No code.

How to create a website without coding for free

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the process of building a website because it was too complicated, confusing, and/or expensive, this product will make it so much easier (and fun). Use a collection of premium web designs, reliable hosting, and a simple editing environment to get your next web project up in no time. What’s special about this tool is that you build your site with polydoms (smart content blocks), allowing for endless customization. It really is like playing with digital Legos.

Modern open source flat-file CMS to build faster websites.

How to create a website without coding for free

A more complex tool, built for developers with some experience. This open source flat-file CMS allows you to build faster websites. The idea: With static HTML pages, you can’t do anything dynamic like query data, edit content via an admin interface, process forms, etc. Grav is “processed at runtime,” allowing you to do the same things you could do with Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. There are countless features, including: site-wide and per-page routing and redirection, a visual debug panel, multi-language support, flexible taxonomies, a built-in asset manager, and much more.

Drag and drop real-time HTML page building.

How to create a website without coding for free

This block-based, multi-purpose HTML 5 template allows you to choose from over 70 uniquely styled content blocks for incredible customizability. You can build web pages in minutes and manage site navigation, sliders, images, text, maps, color schemes, and more—all from your browser. Great for multiple uses, from a product launch to a personal portfolio website.

Create beautiful HTML5 web content, no coding required.

How to create a website without coding for free

This keyframe-based animation system makes your content come alive. Just click “record” and Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. You can also add, remove, and rearrange keyframes manually if you want more control. This is an incredible tool if you’re looking to animate anything from web pages and infographics, to eBooks and presentations. Prepare to be wowed.

One page theme builder for WordPress.

How to create a website without coding for free

This open source theme builder allows you to quickly edit everything on your web page on the fly. It’s effortless to build out a fully responsive, SEO-friendly site with built-in presets to kickstart your site development. Just about everything is customizable, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your site exactly the way you want it. A great tool for anyone looking to build a WordPress site quickly.

Seamless web design platform for professionals, code-free.

How to create a website without coding for free

This product is geared toward empowering designers to create responsive websites using all of their designs even if they don’t have any coding experience. There are a number of similar tools on the market, but this one is built with design in mind. The integrated B2B solution also helps with direct client billing, a neat dashboard to manage countless sites/clients, and a robust CMS. Worth looking into, particularly if you’re a designer.

Create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.

How to create a website without coding for free

A desktop application that helps web developers and designers create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework. The clean, intuitive interface and makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful web page with drag and drop functionality. The platform itself is quite intuitive, and the rich collection of components allows you to tailor every little detail on your site. The company promises this tool will product beautiful HTML and CSS that is as good as hand-written code. We can get behind that!

Create better event websites.

How to create a website without coding for free

This platform caters to event planners who are looking to build websites that bring the event experience to life. This is a one-stop shop, enabling you to manage all of your events end-to-end, from ticketing to pre- and post-event community building. This tool is crafted for both standalone and recurring events. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, non-profit gala, big seminar, or intimate workshop, this tool might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Create unique responsive WordPress sites without coding.

How to create a website without coding for free

This platform helps you create unique, responsive WordPress sites — no coding necessary. There are over 80 predefined blogs built by the team’s designers that help you prototype pages in literally minutes. You’ll also have full control over every detail on the site you build, including: dimensions, typography, web fonts, backgrounds, and effects. This is a great option if you’re specifically looking to build a page on the WordPress CMS platform.

Register a new website with one click. Live in 5 minutes.

How to create a website without coding for free

It can be such a hassle setting up new domains, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated or cost as much as it too often does. This site whittles domain registration down to its most minimal form, allowing you to get something up and running in literally a few minutes. A wonderful little tool that will help you register your site super fast so you can get your next web project up and running faster than you can say “ship.” :-)