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  • I called customer service and they disconnected from me the first time and the second time was absolutely no help.

I enjoy this shopping experience but the past few weeks seems less items available. No steaks that were advertised in your flyer. Was told by staff they never came in, ditto on the advertised asparagus. Second week at still no Amazon brand Italian sausage. The coupons are helpful, especially with the inflation, but can't be used at other locations which might have the missing items. I ordered a pizza but when I went to pick it up, I was told they dropped it and had to throw it out. I realize this location is relatively new so I hope my comments can be of use in improving things. The staff is very courteous.

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Tonight we received an Amazon Fresh food order in which 5 of the 14 items were missing. We also received two items that we didn't order - so someone else will suffer too. There is no way to communicate with the delivery person/driver or customer service. This service is NOT worth the lower delivery fee compared to Whole Foods/Amazon/Safeway shopping. Unimpressed and wish I had seen such poor reviews prior to ordering.

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Many items missing - no ability to contact any customer service

Tonight we received an Amazon Fresh food order in which 5 of the 14 items were missing. We also received two items that we didn't order - so someone else will suffer too. There is no way to communicate with the delivery person/driver or customer service. This service is NOT worth the lower delivery fee compared to Whole Foods/Amazon/Safeway shopping.

Unimpressed and wish I had seen such poor reviews prior to ordering.

I used Amazon Fresh for the first time tonight and I am sadly very disappointed. I received my items within the 2 hour window, however my frozen items were warm at arrival. I grabbed my items as soon as I heard my doorbell ring and when I received my "delivered" text. My items arrived in a brown paper bag. I can tell the driver did not have a cooler. I do know there were 3 or 4 other orders ahead of mine for drop off. Gross. Never again. I already requested a refund.

The first time I ever used them was about 9 months ago. The food that came was just left at my front doorstep all over the place. Bread was smashed, bananas nearly rotten, and containers crushed. Given the weather, I decided to give them another try. This time my order was cancelled 6 hours before delivery. When cancelled, they didn't even give an explanation as to why it was cancelled. Amazon just needs to close up this portion of their shop.

Famous camera system not accurate

While shopping at the new Amazon Fresh in Lorton, Virginia I checked the labels of three coffee creamers to see the sugar content, but put them all back on the shelf without putting any in my cart. The itemized receipt, which I received 2 hours later after exiting the store, showed I'd been charged $22 for all three. One item was charged twice. I had to go 10 miles back to the store to get help with a refund because no phone help was available. Why no itemized receipt upon exit? Why didn't the cameras see me put the items back? Lots of hype, high prices overall, and a camera system not ready for prime time.

Don't depend on it. More than half of drivers lie to avoid doing work

Just awful. Some background: our apartment building is an Amazon Hub. Amazon has 24/7 access into the building with an Amazon Fast Pass. This is stated in our delivery instructions, along with instructions we give anyone visiting or delivering (in case the Amazon person is new/forgot about the Fast Pass) re how to get into the building, and to NOT deliver it outside on the ground (which is disgusting) on a city street. The delivery person went to the wrong place, had the arrogance to tell me that there is no call box at my own apartment building, never once believing he could be at the wrong place, never attempted to find the call box despite multiple explanations/informing him that he was at the wrong place, and literally left it on the ground on a city street that dog and drunk people go to the bathroom on. Called Amazon and Amazon looked into the calls with the driver, said he kept himself muted during the calls, so it would appear as though he tried to rectify the situation via a call if no one had looked further. We tip well (>$20) for people to correctly deliver and bring the order to our doorstep (can not carry that much weight for now because of a health restriction). The drivers frequently lie to avoid doing the work (saying you need a code or FOB for the elevators, which is not true as residents and guests use these elevators 24/7, and leaving the order somewhere random in the building that you do need a code to get in to). We have also had people who have marked the order as out for delivery and just never delivered the groceries at all. However, we don't seem to have this problem with Amazon Whole Foods delivery nearly as often. Don't order Fresh if you're actually depending on the groceries. It doesn't work >50% of the time. Luckily, Amazon does refund when service is this bad.

Amazon Fresh stopped delivering groceries with ice packs or frozen bottles or cooler bags. All frozen foods are bagged in regular brown paper bags with no insulation, treated the same as room temperature items. The delivery drivers do not have coolers in their cars, so it is not temperature controlled. It can take many hours until it finally arrives. Everytime i open the bags, i notice that all the frozen stuff is melted, thawed, spoiled. If i try to freeze it immediately, it doesnt help, the food is already bad. Sometimes i try it anyway and i get very sick from all of the food. Its not like one specific item that has an issue, its ALL the cold food items that are not properly handled and end up causing food poisoning. So i have to throw away a bunch of food which is such a shame to waste. And then get no refund from Amazon support because theyre all a bunch of robots... someone really needs to stop Amazon because they are getting a lot of people sick and not taking any responsibility for it.

Something wrong on every order.

Todays issues included Moldy tomatoes that leaked moldy goo all over the other vegetables in the bag and a giant oven cooked pizza when I order microwavable single serving size. At least the bread was not squished today as it normally is.

Everytime I go to the Amazon fresh, I looking for cashier, his name is John. He is nice person and good service for customer. Thank you so much!

Has anyone else Noticed?

I shop Amazon Fresh delivery and overall it helps when a person like myself is older and disabled. Has anyone else noticed that when you order an item like spaghetti sauce for $3.00 next time you order that item or similar the price is up by a dollar or two? It's like some type of algorithm system. Prices are higher. I seen the same pasta sauce $ 9.00 it's price gouging. My friend in another zip code of California has seen lower prices for pasta sauces etc. Then Amazon wants customers to pay a fee, delivery fees and tip on top of higher food prices. Something ain't right at Amazon and other delivery places like Instacart etc do the same thing. Beware

Half of the orders don't make it, no customer service

Terrible service. They don't show up half of the time. I waited today for hours for my order. You can't track the order. You call customer service, they hang up on you. Chat does not work. I'll never use them again.

Well after trying a cupple times last order was the finally I order pasta to make pasta salad well I opened and see animals inside probably 1, ooo not kidding was nasty I am done whit Amazon fresh.

Overcharged, complicated process to get receipt

I went to this location for the first time today (6/26) with high hopes. While it wasn't crowded, the store was loud, the selection of products was limited, and prices were slightly higher than other stores. I was kind of expecting that. What I was not expecting, however, is that you have no idea how much your bill is coming to. I would have thought that with using the Amazon app, it should be able to keep a running total of all the items in your cart. So you'd know how much you're paying. The system should be "smart enough" for that. Instead, you'll get an email when you check out that "we are working on your receipt". Six hours later and I still have no idea how much I paid. Won't be back until this is fixed. Amazon, do better. Editing my review to add: they also did not record my coupon, even though I scanned it as the employee directed. The only way I could figure that out was to total my purchases in Excel. Very frustrated.

Editing my review to add: no diet products. No sugar free applesauce. No sugar free tea. Only one choice for many major products. Expected to see more healthy items.

I'm left feeling a lot more annoyed/frustrated after a conversation with a customer service agent. Amazon has always dealt well with any issues I've had in the past, and they've been few and far between, but I guess Amazon Fresh is a different beast. Even though they cancelled an order of mine a couple weeks ago, that didn't stop me from using them again. Yesterday I was sent an email with a coupon code for $10 off a $50 fresh delivery order and it failed to work when I tried to use it even though I met all the terms of the coupon. I completed my order anyway, but figured I should say something, especially since a similar discount amount was being advertised at the top of the website. When I brought it up on the customer service chat, I was flat out lied to. He said the coupon didn't apply to me -- first that it wasn't for Fresh orders, and then that it was only for first time customers. Well, the whole point of the coupon was for Fresh, so that's entirely false. And then neither the coupon nor terms said anything about it being for first-time customers, and that's something that coupons ALWAYS specify when that's the case. So I guess they really rely on that clause in the terms that says they can arbitrarily choose not to allow someone to use it or retract it at any time -- but if that was the case, the CS agent should have just said that. Now a situation that I was just curious about has pissed me off due to the customer service person being either dishonest, ignorant, or unwilling to check up on something. Or maybe Fresh is a shady/misleading operation. I may go back to using other food delivery services instead. Here are the terms for the coupon by the way (coupon email sent at 10:42am MT on July 1 and I tried to use the coupon on my order within 3 hours on the same day):

Enter promotional code FRESH10 at checkout for $10 off your next Amazon Fresh order after spending $50 or more. This is a limited time offer. Offer good while supplies last. Offer is restricted to select Amazon Fresh customers who are recipients of this offer. Offer is valid on orders of $50 or more. Taxes, tips, alcohol, regulatory fees, and delivery fees do not apply when determining minimum order amount. Offer available to Amazon Fresh customers and only applies to products sold by Amazon Fresh (look for "sold by Amazon Fresh" on the product detail page). Products sold by Local Market, third-party sellers, or other Amazon entities do not qualify for this offer. Items must be purchased in a single order and delivered at the same speed to a single address. Offer does not apply to digital content or alcohol. Delivery fees and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted and free promotional items. Offer limited to one per customer and account. The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $10. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in your order. If any of the products or content related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies. If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid. Unless an Gift Card is the stated benefit of the promotion, promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

They won't even deliver. That's their whole gimmick and they've gotten too lazy for their own gimmick. Spare me. Get yourself together, Amazon. Jewel is going to eat you alive here in Chicago due to your laziness.

Very Bad product quantity charges High but quality is very bad I am advice to everyone don't purchase any thing on Amazon fresh.

Very bad customer service they cut the call without any information.

Was so excited that a Fresh supermarket opened up near us. We were very excited to check out the modern shopping experience. Very cool just place items in your cart and walk out the store. When we left the store we were told that a receipt will be e-mailed in 1-2 hours. Having no idea what we spent we said ok. Turns out we didn't get our receipt till the next day! We were charged for several items we didn't Purchase! As it turns out if you look at an item you will probably be charged for it.

Amazon did refund us for the items that we didn't purchase. I just don't like not knowing what I'm spending when shopping! Cool concept but i'll pass on this in the future.

Your frozen foods will not be frozen

Amazon fresh is a super convenient way to get groceries delivered but that convenience comes at a cost to food safety. It's fine for dry items but bread doesn't always fare so well. However the delivery model is broken. The drivers are taking a large number of households at once and so if you are unlucky to be near the end of the delivery line, your food is no longer frozen. Skip any frozen or temperature sensitive foods.
Luckily amazon is good about refunds but comes at a huge cost of food waste.

The nearest Amazon Fresh is 5 hours away, and Amazon opens a store in Wyoming?! I live in the downtown, and there is no service. So people are telling me that Amazon Fresh is a scam.

Amazon fresh at Harlem and Irving.

I enjoy this shopping experience but the past few weeks seems less items available. No steaks that were advertised in your flyer. Was told by staff they never came in, ditto on the advertised asparagus. Second week at still no Amazon brand Italian sausage. The coupons are helpful, especially with the inflation, but can't be used at other locations which might have the missing items. I ordered a pizza but when I went to pick it up, I was told they dropped it and had to throw it out. I realize this location is relatively new so I hope my comments can be of use in improving things. The staff is very courteous.

Delivery person literally threw 3 sacks on porch, dented metal cans. Missing 3 items. Customer service is a joke. 90 minutes on phone trying to resolve with a overseas person hardly functional in English, had to get transferred to US customer service. Would have been easier to go to the store myself. Shame on you Jeff Besos.

I was so mad last night. I expected delivery between 8 to 10 pm. I have to be at work early in the morning and I was expecting to have my breakfast and lunch from that order. It was past 10:20 pm when I called to ask when was the delivery coming. The operator said they can't find a driver. I asked if could they deliver it in the morning before I left for work and the operator said I would have to go back in and restart the order. Really?! As a part of customer service, she couldn't make that happen. She acted nonchalantly and acted as if she could care less. So disappointed. What happened to good customer service? Plus the prices have gone up tremendously for such a poor selection.

Amazon fresh has gotten messed up recently. It's been a week I can it get food deliver. Also they had been short of food such as water, orange juices, corn cob, ect soon I'm going check out is either for 3 days later when it's say 2 hour delivery or no time avaible. I also think they discriminating food stamps there certain thing I not able to get. I do spend monthly cash for essentials that they good and ready for. Theyer bananas are almost rotten. Last month I got hot ice cream. Ugly looking mangos and avocados. Are they sure they Amazon?


In store shopping at Morton Grove location

When store first opened I thought it was nice & a place I could patronize. Now the last 4 times we have been there it leaves much to be desired. The shelves are more empty than stocked, you are competing with people who work at filling delivery orders, not only with them grabbing the last item that you may want, but also avoiding their carts as they whiz through the store. When you provide a coupon to buy an Aplenty item at BOGO and then have literally no stock of Aplenty crackers in store, that is pretty sad, After a weekend, you would think management would schedule people to either work a night shift or come in extra early to replenish the shelves, but instead workers are in the aisles with ladders, etc. trying to hurriedly restock... again making hard for shoppers to get down aisles or to find the items they want. Also this last time, we asked one of those stockers where to find a particular item and she led us to something completely different that we asked for so it would be a good idea to do a better job of training the staff.
Even though the offers of money off on purchases is very attractive, I don't think we will be taking advantage of them because of the way that store is stocked and run... unless we can find another Amazon Fresh store that is not too far from us... this one is the most convenient.

Angry Fat Mexican Girl Cashier

Harassing fat Mexican chick denied my use of a store coupon because she was PMSing, so naturally I GTFOed. Thanks for making me richer and thinner you dumb pig. You can go binge on your Amazon Fresh lard because you're $#*!ed and actually worth $5 an hour (BUT socialism enables your stupidity)

Order arrived with the majority of items missing and the rest covered in some strange sticky liquid. This was not the worst part. The worst was dealing with customer service, including leadership. I was on chat for close to an hour and it felt like pulling teeth to get my items replaced. Amazon reps did not replace the items. They seem very lazy and just wanted to refund the items. This means Ill have to pay another delivery fee. This process took so much time. Close to an hour for them to tell me they'll just refund items and ill have to reorder on my own ( meaning I'll have to waste more time doing this and waiting for another delivery.)

Amazon leadership is also useless with helping. They've lost yet another customer

Try Walmart! They deliver food too, and they accept EBT as well. I am switching to Walmart now because I ordered food from Amazon Fresh on 4 different occasions, and never received my groceries. I am disabled and I live alone, so I need delivery service to be reliable and dependable. Clearly, Amazon Fresh is neither reliable nor dependable, which sucks.

By DENISE B. over a year old

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After a quite tedious process resulting in trying to speak to a virtual person who, despite telling me he could answer every question failed at first straight forward question. In my case I spent 45 mins trying to reach a human customer svc rep... who didn't know the answer. By that time I was so fed up I hung up dissatisfied.

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Walmart Plus grocery delivery is $12.95 per month. Ralph's/Kroger grocery delivery is $79/year for unlimited "free" grocery deliveries over $35+ Costco members that order at least $75 worth of groceries, will not pay an additional fee for 2-day delivery orders. For Costco same-day delivery through Instacart, you will pay a delivery fee per order, which is generally $3.99 for orders over $35. There's also an optional tip for your delivery driver. (plus, Costco's basic membership is $60 annually). Amazon Fresh is "free" with grocery orders over $35.00 (Amazon Prime membership is $5.99 monthly for those with EBT and $12.99 w/o EBT). For me, Amazon Fresh is the most economical because I have EBT benefits. I pay $5.99 monthly for Amazon Prime (which includes Prime delivery, video, and Fresh delivery). Also, Amazon (retail as well as Fresh) has the best customer support. When/if a grocery item is missing, over-ripe, thawed, etc.) they make it right by processing a refund or replacing the item. Plus, they are easy to contact.

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There's a real service called Amazon Fresh. And it can/could be very valuable especially for people already paying a yearly premium to receive faster shipping. BUT. With Amazon Fresh you can order plain bagels and receive the "everything on it" bagels. True story. 3 bags. I ate the cost instead of the bagels and there were other unwanted products in that order. Even that would be ok if you didn't have to waste 20 or 30 minutes trying to get to a human customer service rep. These robots who assure you they can understand anything and you can speak same as a human? NOT. Sorry not even close. At least for questions beyond the most basic level of language. It's a MAJOR flaw in my opinion and explains why reviews on Amazon Fresh are so low. Very poor biz model altho regular Amazon great! Very few errors ever and check before ordering if returnable and costs associated. Other than that I LOVE Amazon! About as much as I hate using Amazon Fresh.

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Wow - dry ice is expensive. If Amazon Fresh used dry ice to keep cold/frozen foods cold for you then you were lucky! I've never had dry ice or frozen water bottles used to keep foods chilled. They typically use insulated white zip-close bags. Frozen gel packs, and absorbable rolls of padded paper on my orders.

- As you proceed to check out, you may go back at any time if you need to change your order (delete, add, etc.). - You can always go back before selecting a time slot. If you realize that you have made some colossal mistake, you can click cancel but I would recommend contacting support and asking for help. They will talk you through anything/everything. Just phone the regular Amazon number and ask to be transferred to the Fresh department. Or use online chat.

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